Once again, and I sincerely hope for the last time, I must announce that, owing to the likelihood that we shall be unable to resume rehearsals for at least another 8 weeks, we have decided to cancel our concert Night at the Opera scheduled for the 27th June. Within hours of our decision to cancel our performance of Handel’s Messiah in April, we were informed by the group responsible for the management of the Watford Colosseum that they were closing all their venues for a period of at least 12 weeks.

Apart from the obvious risk to health posed by the Coronavirus, we are also conscious that there could be members of the Society who are experiencing financial difficulties, either now or in the coming months. Therefore, we have decided to delay the issue of annual subscription invoices until we are given the all clear and our lives can return to normal. Anyone who wishes to speak to me, in strictest confidence, please contact me initially on david@watfordphilharmonic.co.uk .

Health and welfare come in various forms. First and foremost is our health, but we must maintain health of both body and mind. Hence our decision to launch regular sessions with Michael on Zoom which will be interactive and are guaranteed to be entertaining, videos from Michael, which can be accessed via our website, and activities to keep our minds occupied organised by our vice chair, Judy. There has been a remarkable response from many members of the choir and orchestra who are keeping in touch with other members, suggesting ways of sharing chat rooms and video calls or simply picking up the phone to talk. It is often in adversity that we show our true mettle and I am proud to call myself a member of the Watford Phil.

Remember to follow the advice of the medical authorities and government. Keep your distance, wash your hands and keep singing!

All best wishes

David Pollak