A Millennium Hymn (the words resonate with the current crisis)

Many of you have had an association with the Bushey Festival in the past and will know Rilla Paterson, who wrote this Millennium Hymn. Here’s what Rilla says about it:

This Millennium Hymn from 1999 was an entry in a competition run by St Paul’s Cathedral. It didn’t get anywhere and I just stuck it in a wardrobe. But I recently noticed that the words are suitable for our present catastrophe and I have now recorded it and published it on YouTube on Easter Day, an important time for Christians and Jews alike. Although I don’t have a faith, having been a choral singer all my life I do enjoy singing religious music, (don’t we all?) and after all, the choral repertoire is largely Christian, and anyway, everyone likes a good hymn. Here’s the link:

Millennium Hymn

As choral singers I thought you might be interested in this. Please feel free to circulate it to anyone who might get some benefit from it.