Our latest Corona Chronicle (Number 7), is now available (28th September 2020)

Our Corona Chronicles are temporarily replacing our weekly Newsletters. They can be viewed from the links below or viewed from our Newsletter page HERE

Corona Chronicle Issue 7

Above is the link to issue 7 of Corona Chronicle. Little did I think when I first floated the idea of compiling some sort of news sheet/magazine as a means of helping people to stay connected during lockdown that it would run to seven issues since last April, largely thanks to the many contributions I’ve received.

Whilst it might be quite pleasing to keep it going for as long as material keeps coming in (and I’m quite happy to go on producing it) please do say if you feel that it no longer serves a useful purpose. You can either respond to me directly at judy@watfordphilharmonic.co.uk or via Nikki.

If the general feeling is that it’s worth continuing, how about making a contribution yourself? You can get a fair idea of what you might write from the contents of previous issues – musical autobiographies seem to be appreciated and next time, it’s my intention to feature more husband and wife combos. Two for the price of one! You might also consider sharing information about another organisation that you’re committed to or have enjoyed being part of at some stage – another choir or orchestra perhaps, though not necessarily restricted to a musical group.

Meanwhile, the current issue will give you some sense of our position as far as a return to live rehearsals is concerned. We have been very pleased that so many of you continue to join the Monday evening Zoom rehearsals, making good progress as we work our way through Mozart’s delightful Coronation Mass. Let’s all hold onto the expectation that we will have the chance to perform it live in the not-too-distant future.

Every good wish to one and all,


Corona Chronicle Issue 6

Above is the link to issue 6 of Corona Chronicle. Thanks to all our contributors, I have had a steady supply of interesting material to work from and with your ‘renewed enthusiasm’ I’m happy to continue editing for the time being, so please keep sending stuff to me.

As well as enthusiasm, as we approach the start of our 2020/21 season it’s nearly time to renew your membership. Enrolment is moving online this year: look out for an email from the Society in the next few days inviting you to activate your membership via our website. It’s very easy to do, but do get in touch if you experience any difficulties – and please let Nikki know if you have not received your invitation by Saturday 5th September.

Annual membership documents have already been emailed to everyone (1st August, sent by Nikki) but just in case you’ve accidentally deleted them, copies are also available on the website under the heading ‘The New Season Beckons’. They include our plans for the new season, all subject to whatever restrictions are in place at the time, together with details of membership fees. Since writing, we now know that we almost certainly will not be performing at the Colosseum this year but we very much hope that we shall be able to offer audiences a concert in March and June. Meanwhile, we have two Saturday workshop dates provisionally booked for 17th October and 5th December which we are considering using for something more than a workshop. We shall of course keep a watchful eye on Government Covid19 guidelines regarding the safe return to live rehearsals and performances. From 7th September, we will be starting work on a lovely Mozart programme – probably via Zoom link initially, but with the intention of rehearsing it live and including it in our performing repertoire just as soon as we are able to. Further details will be circulated when available.

We trust that you and yours have remained well throughout the summer and that we will all be together again, with our music, very soon.

All good wishes,

Judy (Vice Chair, WPS)

Corona Chronicle Issue 5

Judy our Vice Chairman (and Corona Chronicle Editor) writes:

A big thank-you for the many interesting contributions received so far. Please keep them coming and I will do my best to maintain the monthly Chronicle, hoping that it may help to preserve some sense of connection in these uncertain times. Musical autobiographies are very welcome, as are accounts of any particular musical event or experience of special significance in your life. Or why not share new and rewarding discoveries you have found helpful in accommodating the impact of Covid19?

Please send your contributions to me at judy@watfordphilharmonic.co.uk or by post to 3 Church End, Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DL

You can also keep in touch by visiting our website at www.watfordphilharmonic.co.uk and by signing up to our closed Facebook Group where new items are posted fairly regularly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/625783124932009

Watch out for the annual membership package – commonly known as the summer mailing – which will be sent out by email early next month. That at least has some semblance of normality about it, whatever changes we may need to introduce next season!
All good wishes, Judy (Vice Chair, WPS)

Corona Chronicle Issue 4

Dear Members, Thanks to everyone whose contributions have appeared so far, this is the 4th issue of Corona Chronicle I’ve been able to put together since lockdown. I hope they’ve been appreciated as a means of staying in touch, as well as keeping you up to date – as far as possible ­- with our aspirations for next season and beyond. I would like to be able to produce at least one further issue over the summer break, but to some extent that will depend on even more contributions from YOU! These could well take the form of musical autobiographies/member profiles and if you’re stuck for inspiration, do have a look at the attached template. Or you could follow the example in this issue of our two Patrons, Andrew and David, each of whom has described very candidly the effect of the last 3 months on their lives as professional musicians. Perhaps you have an abiding memory of musical encounters from childhood, such as Judith Bruni’s recollections of Gerald Hoffnung’s concerts in the 1950s, also in this issue. And we can always accommodate more of your Desert Island Discs! Please send your contributions to me at judy@watfordphilharmonic.co.uk or by post to 3 Church End, Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DL. I will look forward to receiving them. You can also keep in touch by visiting our website (here) where new items are added fairly regularly, including the lovely ‘turning pages’ files Tim is busy attaching to our archive record – compiled by Margaret of previous concert programmes; and by signing in to our closed Facebook Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/625783124932009/ With every good wish for whatever the summer break may hold this year and very much hoping that we will all come through this challenging time to meet again ‘some sunny day’. Judy (Vice Chairman, WPS)

Corona Chronicle Issue 3

Our Vice Chairman writes:

Dear Member,
Above is the link to the 3rd issue of Corona Chronicle, with thanks to all who have contributed so far. I have a small bank of pieces awaiting publication, but would welcome additional material to keep us going to the end of the season. Two of our members have already shared their Desert Island Discs in the current issue. If you’d like to contribute your selection, there’s a link to a template (below).

One of the joys of belonging to any group is discovering the wealth of talent, skill, experience and achievement of other members and especially during this time of restricted social contact, many people are discovering the value of story-telling as a means of staying connected. We’d love to build a profile of our Society based on your stories, however you might choose to tell them. If you’re stuck for ideas, here is a framework you could use.

  • Where born/raised
  • Where you live now
  • Education
  • Job(s)
  • Family, especially if any have musical interests or noteworthy musical achievements
  • How did your own interest in music start?
  • How long have you been a member of WPS?
  • What do you like best about WPS?
  • Memorable moments with WPS
  • Interest/involvement in music beyond WPS?
  • Interests/activities other than music?

Just as a guide, about 300 words will do very nicely – and if you have a photograph you’d like to include, that would be even better!

Email your returns to judy@watfordphilharmonic.co.uk or post to 3 Church End, Sandridge, St Albans AL4 9DL

Stay well and stay in touch


Judy Newton-Davies, Vice Chairman WPS

Desert Island Disc pull-out competition supplement available from the link below.