Our Next Virtual Rehearsal, 25th January 2021.

Details and joining instructions for our first 2021 virtual “Zoom” rehearsal on Monday 11th January were e-mailed out to all members on Monday 4th January. Note that this new Spring Term joining link replaces that used for the Winter sessions and can be used for joining all the scheduled sessions for this term.

Happy New Year!

We welcome in 2021 with perhaps more hope in our hearts than thought possible as we descended through the Tiers into complete lockdown once again in December. Vaccinations seem to be rolling out pretty quickly across the area and there is better news on the status of our beloved Colosseum.

Oh for the heady days of the Lockdown No 1 when it was possible to be outside in the glorious sunshine working or relaxing in the garden. The current cold snap and foggy conditions will ensure that we shall be resorting to indoor pursuits to keep us occupied and what better way to amuse yourself than a good old rehearsal!

Yes, Monday 11th  January, 7.20 onwards is Zooming rehearsal time! Not just any rehearsal – it’s Michael Cayton’s Watford Philharmonic Rehearsal, packed full of fun, activities and above all SINGING!

Sounds great – so book your seat at your screen, log in and we’ll see you there! Here’s to another year of making music together – different certainly, but it’s a start.

Pam Allanson


An edited video of the rehearsal which took place on the 18th January is now available at https://youtu.be/hKuCV463fgA. Please note that to avoid copyright infringement, copyrighted content has been edited out. This recording will be available until the next virtual rehearsal.

Michael says:

For the 25th January after a warm up and some exercises we will sing through  And the Glory of the Lord from Handel’s Messiah (vocal score page 11) .

Audio rehearsal tracks

These are normal audio tracks from Midi files with your part played by a midi saxophone sound.

4 – And the glory of the Lord. p11

Soprano – And the glory of the Lord
Alto – And the glory of the Lord
Tenor – And the glory of the Lord
Bass – And the glory of the Lord

Then we will continue our exploration of Rutter’s Birthday Madrigals.  

Note from our vice chair Judy (Newton-Davies):

Several people have commented that it would be helpful if the choice of repertoire for this term’s Zoom rehearsals had corresponding
rehearsal tracks available.

I’ve found the Birthday Madrigals on the John Fletcher Music site. Tracks are in MP3 format which I always find a bit clunky, but might be better
than nothing. You have to register to access files – free if scores are out of copyright; otherwise a small payment is required, which would apply in the case of Birthday Madrigals. I find the site a bit tricky to navigate in the first instance – but I think it’s now available for both Mac and PC
users. https://www.johnfletchermusic.org/?s=rutter+birthday/


Picture of Rutter; Birthday Madrigals

Click on picture for more information and to order a copy from Oxford University Press