Weekly Newsletters

Each week, the choir are provided with a newsletter that provides messages from the committee, information about upcoming events and guidance on what needs to be rehearsed at home prior to the next choir rehearsal. The updated list of “Come and sing” events is also included in the newsletter.

A Historical List of Watford Philharmonic Society Concerts (1935-2019)

This is a chronological list of all the Watford Philharmonic Society concerts from the first in 1935 to the most recent in 2020. The default order is from oldest to the newest. This can be reversed to display the newest to the oldest simply by tapping/clicking on the DATE column heading. If you tap/click any …

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Orchestra Information 2019-2020

Orchestral workshops are scheduled for the 8th March and 17th May 2020 to play Schubert’s 7th and 8th symphonies. All string players welcome. Wind players also welcome, but as we need to have a balanced orchestra would wind players please contact Tim Egan on: 07717 024 654 or twillsone@live.com to check for a vacancy.