Blog post template – Concert Title

(Heading 4 Subheading) Watford Philharmonic at Watford Colosseum – (extended concert title) 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme featuring the Western Front Violin – (concert date) 29th October 2016 at 7pm

Starting the post

Standard paragraph for blog post – if possible first 2 lines should say who, what, where, when, how. Limit to 10 words per sentence and three sentences. Many people will not read further than this so the key message must be clear.

Key Performers

The order of all subsequent text can be arranged depending on the content that you would like to display. In general, the intro should be followed by a list of key performers with links to blog posts we have written about them, or their own website biographies. This should always include Michael Cayton (assuming he is conducting!). Include thumbnail photos, if we have them. There are three ways to do this and these are described on a separate post at this link.

Musical Content

Follow this with a list of the music to be performed with brief descriptions (a short paragraph each should be sufficient). Or weave them all into one short paragraph.

Include interesting features

Things that improve our ratings with search engines like google include:

  • links to interesting related articles elsewhere on the web
  • links to other pages on our site.
  • videos – vimeo, youtube clips, or our own recordings.

Buy Tickets Button

Include this button on all posts by copying and pasting the following text including brackets:

[btn text=”Buy Tickets” tcolor=#FFF bcolor=#800000 thovercolor=#FFF bhovercolor=#0000FF link=”″]

Selecting and completing options:


The categories should be selected based on where you would like the summary post to appear on the site and/or what the post relates to. Be sure to deselect ‘Uncategorized’:

  • Our Concerts – will appear on the Our Concerts page, linked from the main menu.
  • Past Concerts – will appear on the Past Concerts page, linked from the primary sidebar
  • News – will appear on the home page.
  • Our Professionals – a category for biographies of the professionals at our concerts.
  • Meet Us – these are biographies of our key Society members (Michael Cayton, Jeanne Mann, Rosemary Venner, Vice President etc). Links to these are found on the Meet Us page via the main menu.
  • Membership – this is category for any blog post relating to membership of the Society. The weekly newsletter is included in this.

Select ‘+add new category’ for any blog post that doesn’t fit any of the above, or perhaps fits an additional category.

Select featured image

Add the image that will be shown at the top of the blog post. The dimensions should be 647 by 400 pixels. This will maintain the ‘golden ratio’.

  • After selecting ‘set featured image’, click on or upload the image.
  • To the righthand side of the screen there will be several boxes to fill out. Complete them all, making sure to include keywords that google may search for:
    • Title – the default title is the image file name so it should be replaced with an appropriate title for public searching and viewing.
    • Caption – this would appear below the image if the image was inserted directly into a post or page.
    • Alt Text – this appears instead of the image if someone is unable to load the full image.
    • Description – this can be the same as the caption or more detailed if you would like.
  • Select ‘Set Featured Image’


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<a href=””><h5 style=”padding-top:8px; padding-bottom:8px;”>&nbsp War and Peace</h5><p style=”padding-left:5px”>Our Spring Concert</p></a>